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Three Social Tour schedules are posted: 1. Gyeong-ju, 2. Daegu, 3. Free Night Tour for all participants.

2017-09-06 16:35
Three Technical Networking and Social Tour schedules are posted:

Tour 1. Tour to Gyeong-ju (09:00-14:30 Oct. 14): EXCO-Bulguksa Temple-Cheonmachong Anceint Tomb-Gyochon Village for Lunch-EXCO

Tour 2. Daegu City Tour (09:00-14:30 Oct. 14): EXCO-Samsung Creative Campus-Modern Alley Tour-Lunch-EXCO

Tour 3. Free Night Tour to Downtown in Daegu (18:30-20:10 Oct. 12): EXCO-Donsengro Street or Seomun Market-EXCO

A guide will be provided to Tour 1 and Tour 2, but Tour 3. Tour 3 is free for all the participants to the conference. The minimum number of persons is 10 for all tours.

You can either select Tour during the registration process or submit a Tour Application Form at the registration desk during the conference.

More detailed information can be found at http://isis2017.org/?page_id=253.

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