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Three Social Tour schedules are posted: 1. Gyeong-ju, 2. Daegu, 3. Free Night Tour for all participants.

2017-09-06 16:35
Three Technical Networking and Social Tour schedules are posted:

Tour 1. Tour to Gyeong-ju (09:00-14:30 Oct. 14): EXCO-Bulguksa Temple-Cheonmachong Anceint Tomb-Gyochon Village for Lunch-EXCO

Tour 2. Daegu City Tour (09:00-14:30 Oct. 14): EXCO-Samsung Creative Campus-Modern Alley Tour-Lunch-EXCO

Tour 3. Free Night Tour to Downtown in Daegu (18:30-20:10 Oct. 12): EXCO-Donsengro Street or Seomun Market-EXCO

A guide will be provided to Tour 1 and Tour 2, but Tour 3. Tour 3 is free for all the participants to the conference. The minimum number of persons is 10 for all tours.

You can either select Tour during the registration process.

More detailed information can be found at http://isis2017.org/?page_id=253.

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