Various hotels and motels are located around EXCO and in the downtown of Daegu. The following 3-5 star hotels are recommended for your accommodation during the visit to Daegu.
Please check the locations in the map and visit the hotel homepages for more information.

Four-Star Hotels (★★★★):

Hotel Inter-Burgo EXCO

The name of “Inter-Burgo” is originated from Spanish words which are explained as a friendly village where everyone is of same heart.

A limited number of rooms are available with the special promotion at Hotel Inter-Burgo EXCO: total accommodation fee is 100,000 KRW per night for a business double or a standard twin room. For the room reservation, please complete the form below and return it to at your earliest convenience.

-TEL: +82-53-380-0114
-Access to EXCO: 1 min (Walking)

Novotel Ambassador Hotel

-TEL: +82-53-664-1101
-Access to EXCO: 15-20 min (Driving)

Eldis Regent Hotel

-TEL: +82-53-256-0405
-Access to EXCO: 20-25 min (Driving)

Queen Vell Hotel

-TEL: +82-53-256-0405
-Access to EXCO: 20min (Driving)

Five-Star Hotels (★★★★★):

Hotel Inter-Burgo DAEGU

-TEL: +82-53-602-7114
-Access to EXCO: 15-20 min (Driving)

The Grand Hotel-Daegu

-TEL: +82-53-742-0001
-Access to EXCO: 15-20 min (Driving)

Three-Star Hotels (★★★):

Hotel Airport

-TEL: +82-53-260-0001
-Access to EXCO: 10-15min (Driving)

Hotel Asia

-TEL: +82-53-742-0550
-Access to EXCO: 20min (Driving)

Map of 3-5 start hotels near to EXCO

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